Farewell, CollegeGuide.org!

ISI is sorry to announce that CollegeGuide.org will be shut down on June 30, 2015.

Those looking for the inside scoop on elite schools and lesser-known institutions should check out Choosing the Right College 2014-15 instead.

About CollegeGuide.org

CollegeGuide.org Website

CollegeGuide.org is a one-stop source for information on choosing the right college, surviving and thriving at the college of your choice, and guidance and assistance beyond the undergraduate experience. These resources are designed for students, parents, guidance counselors, and anyone interested in the state of higher education in America today.

CollegeGuide.org furthers the mission of the Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI) mission to uphold the integrity of the liberal arts as taught in our colleges and universities. It holds that a broad liberal arts education best equips one for life, regardless of one's career choices. From choosing a school to excelling once on campus and beyond, CollegeGuide.org offers resources you won't find anywhere else.

What Sets CollegeGuide.org Apart

The first edition of ISI's Choosing the Right College was published in 1998 to immediate success. By revealing the truth about what goes on at America's top schools, Choosing the Right College became the college guide that changed college guides.

The reviews from Choosing the Right College are presented in their entirety on CollegeGuide.org and remain the most in-depth, independently researched college guide on the market with a host of telling statistics, incisive essays, and crucial information about how much value colleges deliver for your buck.

Bypassing the irrelevant data and straight-from-the-brochure accounts of campus life that are typical of other college guides, Collegeguide.org uses on-campus sources to turn up the best—and worst—aspects of over 200 leading colleges and universities. It also shows how you can get a real education at virtually any school.

Here you'll learn about:

  • the quality of curricula
  • the rigor and vigor of major academic departments
  • the intellectual freedom that prevails—or not—on each campus
  • the schools that have safe campuses and wholesome living arrangements—and those that don't
  • the professors to seek out, and the courses that ought to be avoided entirely
  • the statistics (usually unreported) you need to pay attention to
  • the most overpriced colleges—and the good values you may not know about

“By far the best college guide in America”
—Thomas Sowell

“This is easily the best of the college guides.”
—American Spectator

“If you're looking at the big-name schools, this [guide] will be of great value in helping you decide which one is for you.”
—New York Post

“Unmatched in laying out what parents and students have a right to expect from a good college-and which colleges fall short of providing it.”
—Christina Hoff Sommers, author of The War Against Boys

“A godsend for anyone who wants to know how to beat the academic establishment and actually get an education.”
—National Catholic Register

“An essential reference for prospective students and their parents.”
—Homeschool Magazine

“This guide is a must for parents.”
—Dr. Laura Schlessinger, nationally syndicated radio host

“American parents (and students) have long needed a reliable ‘review' of our nation's universities…Choosing the Right College is the right book for them.”
—Cal Thomas, nationally syndicated columnist

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