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Entry Requirements for Homeschooled Students at Over 30 Colleges and Universities



Every successful social movement starts off small--from the monasteries that preserved Western culture after the fall of Rome, to the Committees of Correspondence that helped launch American independence. The home-schooling movement is no different. Over the past 30 years of general decline in educational standards at public (and many private schools), parents of every description have moved to reclaim their rights as their children's primary educators. Dozens of carefully developed home school curricula, catering to a wide variety of worldviews, help parents provide their kids with an educational experience that outpaces what's offered in institutional settings--and one that reflects their values and beliefs.

Such students once faced obstacles when applying to conventional colleges. But in recognition of the high achievement they can expect from home-schooled students, ever more institutions --- including some of the best -- are going out of their way to welcome them, adapting their admissions requirements to reflect their particular needs and strengths. What follows is a guide compiled by ISI to help parents and students navigate the admissions process.


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